Whether being exposed to high heat, abrasion, engine and cleaning fluids, adhering to rough surfaces, or simply requiring long term durability, automotive labels have highly rigid performance specifications. These automotive applications can often be extremely challenging for conventional labels. Finding products to meet these needs requires a supplier, such as Tri-State Media, who has proven product quality and experience to deliver and meet automotive label specifications. Tri-State Media continues to be a premium supplier of labels, tags, and KanBan tags for companies including Honda, Toyota, GM, Ford, Nissan, Subaru and the associated Tier 1 suppliers.


Tri-State Media produces high quality drum labels and warning labels for the harsh environments seen in the chemical industry. Drum labels have to be high quality material with high quality adhesive in order to ensure the labels stay intact and attached for as long as possible. At Tri-State Media, we use the best quality raw materials with top of the line, aggressive adhesives to produce our finished drum labels in order to give our customers peace of mind that their labels will stand the test of time. We stock BS5609 and GHS compliant labels.


Food labeling requirements includes using FDA approved materials and inks to produce eye-catching labels. The correct adhesive must be used to withstand a variation of storage temperatures. It is necessary for food labels to have multiple material-adhesive combinations to meet the needs of the industry. Tri-State Media provides labels that ensure proper application for all of the varying food label requirements – matching the production and storage environments of each product.


The healthcare industry demands a wide variety of functional adhesive materials, many with unique qualities for highly specialized applications. All labels printed for the healthcare industry must be designed and applied so that the label remains in place and can easily be read. Tri-State Media assists healthcare facilities and manufacturers enhance their security and operational effectiveness by providing quality labels that remain legible and intact.

In the pharmaceutical sector, we produce a range of high-quality, reliable, and efficient pharmaceutical labels that play a critical role in patient health and safety.


Label and tag applications used in manufacturing operations include, but are not limited to, order picking and staging, receiving, asset tracking, inventory management, and product labeling for classification and shipping. Tri-State Media offers a variety of material and adhesive solutions for applications that will stand up to the harsh environments with the brick, lumber, rebar/steel, and associated manufacturing industries.



In the produce industry, Reusable Plastic Containers are used to move produce among all of the points within the supply chain. The labels that are affixed to these RPCs must be able to withstand weather and drastic temperatures so that the produce can be tracked back to exactly where it came from when it reaches its’ end destination. These labels must then be able to be removed easily with no adhesive residue so that the RPCs can be reused over and over. Tri-State Media extensively tests both label adhesion and durability for these needs. Our extensive knowledge of label material and adhesive components, combined with our reverse-engineered manufacturing process, produce smart labels that are a perfect fit for the RPC industry.

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