Our History

Founded in 2001 by our President John Clary and his wife, Diana, Tri-State Media is a manufacturer of labels, tags, and print media, specializing in the automotive, manufacturing, distribution, petro/chemical markets, and more.

When John began Tri-State Media in 2001, he ran it out of his home. After 8 years of running the business, John brought his first employee on board in 2009. In 2010, Tri- State Media moved into a small storage complex and purchased 1 printing press. Fall of 2012, Tri-State Media was expanding exponentially. With even more employees and a very tight space, Tri-State Media moved into our current location in Wilmington, OH. The 10,200 square feet of space quickly became too small. In 2014, Tri-State Media broke ground on our new 10,500 square foot warehouse. In 2020, Tri-State Media is a continually thriving company. We now have a total of 20,700 square feet of space that houses 34 employees, 3 presses, and 2 coaters!

At Tri-State Media, we greatly value the personal connections with our customers. We learn each customers’ individual process and listen to their needs in order to provide them with a unique, customized product at a competitive price. Our whole team works together to provide unparalleled customer service and great quality products.

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